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CDs in 4 Panel Digipaks

Front and inside panel of a digipack
  • Full color printed 4 panel digipaks

  • Disc-print (options)

  • Shrink-wrapped

  • 500 and up are replicated CDs

  • Less than 500 take 6 business days

  • 500+ take 10 business days

4 panel digipak

The digipak is the most popular packaging option that normally allows you to have 4 panels of artwork, but 6 panel options are available as well. The disc snaps into a clear plastic tray glued to the inside panel. They come shrink wrapped, and we can provide you with a bar code as well as add your ISRC codes to your music upon request. We have a 100 quantity minimum on digipaks.

Gary P. Nunn Digipaks
Gary P. Nunn-Friends For Life 6 panel digipak

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Belcurve digipak front
Belcurve Digipak inside
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