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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between replication and duplication?


Replication is the process of creating a glass master and stamper of your audio data, then injection moulding the discs using that stamper. Duplication is the process of taking blank, recordable discs (CDRs or DVDRs) and writing the information on them with a laser. Replication is used in quantities of 500 above, where duplication is used in quantities under 500.

How do i submit my artwork?

Email your artwork to, or drop your files off in person on a flash drive. We have artwork templates available upon request through email. We will require a 75% deposit when starting a project, and will collect the remaining 25% upon completion.

Where can I find artwork templates?

We currently have a few templates for our basic packaging options on our website, but for any additional templates you may need, please contact us at

How do I submit my audio?

A DDP audio file or a physical CD master are the preferred methods. We can also accept WAV files, and create your production master for $25. This includes CD text and the addition of customer provided ISRC codes.

Can you provide a bar code?

We can provide you a UPC code/bar code and apply it to each of your units for $20.

Can you provide ISRC Codes?

We can provide USRC codes for a $25 fee, plus $2 per track.


Do you make custom USB's?

We do make custom USB's! There are many choices on design and storage size, so if you are interested, email us what you're thinking, and we can send you some options. 

Do you print download cards?


If you have your music hosted on a site such as "TuneCore" or "Cd Baby," we can print all of your album's info on your download card, and have them finished in 1-2 business days. We also can set that up for you, for $25. If you place a CD order with us, we'd love to insert your download cards to your fully packaged order, before shrink wrapping. 

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