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ISRc Code assigning

We have the ability to assign ISRC codes, we charge less than other websites, and we're easier to work with!

Each code is a unique identifier assigned to each song. There's a simple $25 set up fee, and an additional $2 per song. These codes are completely yours, and do not expire. Fill out the short PDF form below with your information and song titles, and we'll get started.

Benefits of ISRC (International Standard Recording) codes

  • Aids in collecting Royalties.

  • Companies can categorize your music accurately.

  • They are required if you want your music distributed on sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

  • ISRC codes add extra validity, if there are any copyright issues.

  • They Differentiate your song from other songs with the same or similar titles.

ISRc Code example


Registrant Code

Year of Reference

Designation Code





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